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Cohousing is based on a series of collaborative homes in which residents have full autonomy, which favors a greater dynamism within the daily routine of 50+ year old people and elderly.

Given this, we can say that the existence of collaborative homes in Malaga is the great alternative to loneliness. Cohousing models such as our Puerto de Luz Residential, allow their residents, elderly or older than 50 years, live the individuality collectively.

Collaborative homes in Malaga, a revolution in coexistence

The Province of Malaga is one of the areas in Spain having the highest quantity of services and better climate on a national level, which makes it an excellent place to live.

Improve the health of people

Numerous studies reveal that the independence and autonomy of people, has a considerable influence on health. Given this, it is important to emphasize the company plays and important role in the mood of the people.

Collaborative home models in Malaga such as Residencial Puerto de la Luz, help to prevent loneliness problems and improve the mood of its residents, thanks to the company and the large amount of activities performed.

In addition, friendship relations and affectivity established between the residents of this model of coexistence, gives place to caring among them and be attentive to the needs of their neighbors, being able to say, they become a great family

Total privacy inside homes

The apartments of the collaborative homes in Malaga are totally independent, which allows each resident to have his own space and independency.

Each of them is thought and designed according to the different need that could appear once living their homes. That is why all have a single floor, allowing better transit and mobilization of the person in their daily routine

Areas where new experiences are created

The existence of common areas in the collaborative homes allows their residents, elderly or over 50 years, to share their opinions, realize activities together and enjoy the sunny days without the need to get out of the residential.

Without doubt, collaborative homes such as out Residencial Puerto de Luz are the best option to prevent loneliness. You have the independence of your own home while realizing different activities with the rest of the residents.

Definitely, cohousing, also known as collaborative housing, meets all expectations that could exist. Besides counting with all that an elderly or people over 50 years need their day to day, it improves the mood, encourages an active aging and it is an excellent alternative to loneliness