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Every year, life expectancy is higher, and thus, our desire to live independently but given to us everything that we need referring to services such as; medical consultations, gym, library, security, maintenance, hairdressing, and also, green areas through which to walk and enjoy nature.

How can you live differently? Very easy, in the cohousing in Andalucia, you can live actively, aging among friends and be surrounded by people who, like you, want to improve their quality of life and well-being.

The best alternative to live from 50

The ability to enjoy life in a different, unique way and being able to have everything you need, so that is indeed what we all aspire. And, when we get older we want comfort, simplicity, save on costs and companionship and people with whom you can talk and interact.

In other words, we seek a home where maintaining our privacy and independence, enjoy moments of conversation among friends, being able to walk comfortably and be able to do other activities. And this we can have with cohousing in Andalucia.

Cohousing in Andalucia has become a lifestyle that is increasingly chosen by people over 50 and older as it is, without doubt, the best alternative for living and aging. And our Residential is the best place for those over fifty who wish to live in cohousing in Andalucia.

What is life like in our Puerto de la Luz Residential?

In our Puerto de la Luz Residential, we are a group of people over age 50 who once committed to this different way of living, and today appreciate the decision. We have great freedom thanks to a spacious apartment, which is designed on one floor with enough room for wheelchairs and other equipment, and we have beautiful gardens that we can take care of by ourselves and see how each month it grows and shows a much more attractive and beautiful aesthetic.

We have forgotten the loneliness, because every day we share with our neighbors all we want and enjoy the workshops of the Residential: castanets, music, meditation, chess, crafts, board games, movies, and night and cultural outings, among many others.

We are a cohousing in Andalucia, specifically in Puerto de la Torre, whose philosophy and core value is solidarity and cooperation among all residents.

Do you want to enjoy a different way of living?

If for the future you want aging among friends and being able to live differently, the best alternative is cohousing in Andalucia. A place where you can buy your apartment and share expenses with other residents while enjoying lots of activities, amenities, and benefits.

If you want to know more about the cohousing Andalucia, advantages and see for yourself what this type of housing cooperative consists of, at Puerto de la Luz Residential, we will be happy to assist you. Visit our facilities and discover a different way of living individuality collectively.