Who we are

We are a group of people over 50, who have the dream of living differently (cooperative regime), feeling free and useful to carry out an active life, enriching our mutual knowledge, forgetting about loneliness and enjoying of good friendship and harmony.

We enjoy our own workshops, such as castanets, music, meditation, chess, painting, handicrafts, board games, cinema-forum…, we carry out concerted tourist outings, and we encourage performances of choirs, musical groups, and conferences.

Our Association of Elders is integrated into the Puerto de la Torre District of the City Council of Malaga, participating in its programs, such as: “Cultural and sports activities,” “Week of the Elderly,” “Events of the fair, car ride horses, the booth of the major, etc.” “Flea markets”,”Carnival contest”, etc.

Live individuality collectively

What will become of me when, in the words of Albert Camus, I have to say “I am alone, I live alone, and this is unbearable”? With our project, we try never to ask ourselves that question. It is not about the project that is lived in a Residential, to which you go, or someone takes you when you really need special care, which can no longer be offered at home.

Our project is to grow old among friends feeling good, young in spirit and organized so that, without having to worry about food or cleanliness, enjoy reading, social gathering, television, sports…, bringing the best of each one and trying to enrich ourselves with the creativity of colleagues and friends with whom we feel comfortable.

We have built a community in which radically change the values and goals that society has been imposing on us as something that necessarily had to be like that. We believe in the importance of solidarity, cooperation in the face of competition, simplicity in the face of luxury, personal enrichment in the face of professional success…

Collective and individual welfare

The well-being we want is based on enjoying life, enjoying everything that offers us free spirit and body, starting with love and friendship, making a simpler, more human, productive and pleasant life, avoiding as much as possible consumerism and the desire to possess.

We are working so that, as we need special services and professional care, we will be more economical when we all collaborate with those who for years have shared friendship and affection.

Live individuality collectively

Cohousing senior in Málaga