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Our best commercials are the cooperative members themselves. Discover what our residents, friends, and family say about us through their testimonies.

A beautiful place to live accompanied and at the same time independent. Family atmosphere, solidarity, with many activities. Excellent communication with the center of Malaga and nearby services. The best co-housing site in Andalusia!

Claudia D

Cooperative in Puerto de la Luz Residential

Ideal place to live the less active stage of our life with the possibility of becoming the most attractive of our existence

Félix D

Cooperative in Puerto de la Luz Residential

More than residential is a multifamily residence. Friendly people, educated and friendly.

Miguel M

Resident in Puerto de la Luz Residential

This is the most beautiful place to spend my third youth. I am always accompanied and independent at all times. I could not have chosen better. Thanks, partners.

Lucia F

Cooperative in Puerto de la Luz Residential

To talk about the "Puerto de la Luz Residential" I would be short on words of praise, but I will tell the story of my mother, and I hope you get an idea.

She was left widowed and alone at home four years ago, and despite the great sadness for the death of my father (the great love of her life) that none of her six children could replace, we realized that her great added problem was loneliness.

Despite her strength, since she never wanted to live with any child, we saw that things were not going well and that she had a great need to communicate, but especially with people like her. Then she proposed to us - always so brave - the idea of going to a residence, but we were horrified until she took us to Puerto de la Luz.

We were all amazed at the site and the facilities and especially the people who live there.

It is a beautiful building staggered on a hill, with which you see gardens and plants everywhere, with a entirely south orientation and full of windows, wide corridors and an absolute independence since you have your own apartment with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and lounge, giving these last two to a large terrace from where the sun can be seen behind the "Sierra de las Nieves," and it is a spectacle.

There is always some activity to do or just take care of the garden and take a great walk, and when you want independence you go to your apartment, and nobody bothers you. The food is exquisite and the cleanliness perfect. But this is nothing if we compare it with the human level that its companions have, they are cultured and educated people with whom you'll love to talk and who will make you never feel that dangerous loneliness in people already in the golden years.

I personally, I am completely hooked on the Residential and all the people who live there and whenever I can I go with them because I leave full of energy and happiness. My mother has completely changed her life, she is happy and rejuvenated and with a light in her eyes that lives up to the name "PUERTO DE LA LUZ RESIDENTIAL" nothing to do with a conventional residence.

If you want to buy life, health, joy, and happiness, pay attention to me, do not waste time and go to visit them to show you how incredible that is.

A kiss to all.

Elisa G

Cooperative daughter in Puerto de la Luz Residential

The Residential Puerto de la Luz in the Puerto de la Torre Málaga has the advantage that you can come and spend the time you want to test whether you like it or not. I came in August, and I spent a week. I really liked both the building and the people who live here, and I decided to come. I arranged my business in San Sebastian, and in November I went down here to the Mediterranean. I am a thousand kilometers from my origin. In two and a half months I have not opened an umbrella, I have not used a coat; I see the sun every day and the stars at night; there are flowers in the gardens; It's eight in the morning and 15 degrees, a winter like there is spring. What a luxury!

The apartments are beautiful. Everyone looks at the sea, which seems silvery in the distance. In front, then, a beautiful horizon; to the left a mount of olive trees that goes down to our gardens; on the right mountains and mountains to the highest one that is aptly called "Sierra de las Nieves". The sunrises and the sunsets are impressive. At night the whole plain to the sea is a wheat field of lights. They cross the cars drawing red and white lines with their lights because here close the motorways that go to Granada, Almeria, Algeciras, and Cádiz, ... By the way, the airport is 15 minutes away, and practically the same bus station and the train with its fantastic AVE at 300 per hour.

We live isolated and close to everything, although it seems contradictory. In the morning only the roosters and the braying of some donkey are heard; all day long the birds. Silence is monastic all day. On the other hand, 100 meters from the Residencial we have a bus every 12 minutes that takes us to the center of Malaga. Also, many of them have a car, and they are beneficial and go with their friends from here to there. Everything is nearby: Torremolinos at 16 km, Benalmádena at 22, Fuengirola at 30, Marbella at 60, Gibraltar at 134.

The residential services are splendid: the dining room, the assembly hall, the chapel, the infirmary, the hairdresser, the gym, the laundry, the cafeteria, the library, the swimming pool, etc...

There are a thousand activities and workshops: painting, patchwork, choir, chess, castanets, manual works, board games, gymnastics... Apart from that, everyone goes where they want and when they want: to concerts, to the cinema, to the restaurant, shopping, traveling... Freedom is total.

As I said at the beginning, the other reason why I came to live here, and perhaps the main one, is that the people of the Residential are charming, cultured and maintain a pleasant family atmosphere.

Francisco M

Cooperative in Puerto de la Luz Residential

Live individuality collectively

Cohousing senior in Málaga