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Many people are probably asking themselves, what’s cohousing? and in many times, this question is left unanswered. This concept refers to a set of homes inside a community, each one having its own autonomy. These infrastructures are constituted by independent homes, allowing people to keep their privacy.

A clear example of this model is our Residencial Puerto de la Luz, which offers all the benefits of cohousing in Málaga, and it’s always looking to please all the people interested in this project.

This concept arose many years ago, with the objective of getting an ideal place for people over 50, who desired to enjoy all the benefits of living in a community, without losing their privacy. Many studies show that social relationships improve the lives of people, having a better and more positive mood than people living by themselves.

Advantages of Cohousing

This new community concept for senior citizens has been widely accepted across the nation, it currently has many examples of it working properly, and with it, obtaining a great managing efficiency in the process. Residencial Puerto de la Luz offers all the advantages of cohousing in Málaga, and at the same time, it provides satisfaction for all the people involved with it.

Sharing Hobbies and Activities

Thanks to cohousing, people can share their hobbies, allowing them to constantly interact with other people of the same age. And unlike traditional nursing homes, the user has all the liberty to move freely in their day to day, without committing to a schedule, but, at the same time, spending some good moments with people of the same age.

These are individual homes

The homes inside these communities are self-managed apartments, allowing people over fifty, to live independently inside the complex, meaning, having individuality in a community. To keep the privacy in the daily life of its users, sharing only the common and recreational areas. Thanks to this, it helps improve the development of healthy bonding among residents.

These homes are made for senior citizens

One of the most appreciated aspects of these homes is that they are designed for senior citizens, considering all the impediments arising from age, meaning, these are one-story buildings, favoring mobility, without any structural obstacles blocking the path from their apartments to the common areas. The apartments are spacious and their doors are wider than usual, lacking obstructions, in case of limited mobility.

Wide gardens

The buildings are surrounded by nature, providing peace and tranquility during their daily lives. Usually, these zones are maintained by the residents, keeping them entertained doing a healthy and useful activity throughout the day.

For this and many other reasons, we can say that cohousing in Málaga is a great option, not only thanks to their many advantages, it also allows these citizens, to live as an individual in a community.