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We invite all people who want to live their senior years with joy, freedom and good company, come visit our facilities and see all our activities. Explore Residencial Puerto de la Luz in Málaga.


A movie area, projecting varied movies and documentaries for all its residents.

Cultural and recreative Tours

Amazing tours and excursions: Sevilla, Córdoba, Granada, etc.


Chess is a great way to train the mind because it requires concentration.


Our conscience takes us out of the only reality that exists “The here and the now.” At least during meditation, we lead the mind where we want to.

Table Tennis

Exercise and joy are the core of this game and it helps us stay in shape.

Physical activities

Our body and mind improve with exercise, and for this, we have a cozy gym, where anyone can practice gymnastics and many types of dances.

Literature Corner

Monthly reading club sessions in the library, each last Friday of the month.


All our residents are getting better at this highly technical and precise sport.


We have many public computers, perfect to practice your technical skills.

Painting and handcrafts

Thanks to the contribution of our beloved teachers, we can practice these activities that improve dexterity, coordination and artistic sense.

Castanet classes

The mastery shown in this art, by almost all of our students is only surpassed by the teacher, who has been teaching this art for many years.


In the coffee shop, there are many types of activities where you will able to play games such as parchís, poker, dominoes… and even karaoke.