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Cohousing is a term that’s getting traction in the Spaniard society. The first thing to have in mind is, this is a word used for a type of housing model, built inside a self-managed community. Our Residencial Puerto de la Luz in Málaga is a clear example of efficiency and effectiveness in the application of this concept.

This type of homes appeared in Spain at the beginning of the millennium, when some promotors, due to an existing high demand, chose to bet on these infrastructures, which helped improve the life and mood of senior citizens. On the contrary, the traditional housing model for senior citizens in Málaga is a little bit too invasive for the user.

Independence and company are the main objectives

Nowadays, many nursing homes exist in Málaga, focused on the care of senior citizens, places where they lose a big part of their independence. It is true that this type of facilities offers many services for senior citizens, but it makes them follow pre-established time schedules and also having rooms that allow free access to the personnel, at any time of the day, and this could be very uncomfortable.

Privacy is a valuable thing among senior citizens

One of the most valuable things for senior citizens is privacy, making cohousing an excellent choice to keep it intact at all times, because it offers individual homes, with the possibility to share and enjoy services carefully planned for this community.

A Senior Citizen Community

The last studies at a national level revealed that the senior citizen population is ever growing, and also a longer and improved lifespan, causing the rise of alternative models to nursing homes in Málaga. One of these models is cohousing, a model that respects not only individuality, but it also allows collective care, reducing the costs, and improving their quality of life and removing any issues related to loneliness in the process.

How is cohousing managed?

Cohousing management is pretty easy, considering that these homes are provided to people over 50 in exchange of a pre-established fee. In such cases, in which people decide to move out of this community, they can sell their right to their cohousing.

Services are included in the monthly fee

Each month, residents need to pay a monthly fee, included in this fee are services. Many people operating in Residencial Puerto de la Luz in Málaga, actively participate in all these activities, with the objective of making it the perfect place for the cohabitation between all the different people who live there.

La gran alternativa, el Cohousing

Cohousing is a growing and trending alternative to nursing homes in Málaga, besides their many advantages, it is the perfect place where people over 50 prefer to live. Cohousing is “individuality” inside a community, a concept that usually is appreciated by almost everyone.

Our Residencial Puerto de la Luz in Málaga, allows all its residents to have privacy, tranquility, autonomy, and the entertainment they so much desire.