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All people of third age in Spain are of a significant value in society, due to everything they have done for it and what they bring in values ​​to the younger audience. It is important to highlight the need and the right to age actively by this group, which has quite high sedentary rates, having a significant impact on their health.

Numerous experts recommend that at an average age, moderate physical exercise is carried out periodically and accompanied by proper nutrition. On the other hand, it is essential to highlight the state of mind and socialization with other people, which is a significant factor in the elderly and even in people over 50 years of age.

All of this, and the existence of Cohousing models in Andalusia, such as Residencial Puerto de la Luz, which has these services and the company of other people, will allow those over 50 and older people to age actively.

Why choose a cohousing-type residential in Andalusia?

The cohousing-type residential allows aging actively, managing to maintain the privacy of the person in their apartments and making available all the services that are needed on a daily basis, as well as complementary activities and entertainment areas.

Allows socialization with other people

Cohousing allows the person over fifty to socialize with others since these homes are occupied by other people of similar age, which helps improve the mood.

A large part of the elderly population of Spain presents depressive states throughout this grand stage, which may be a more than adequate solution, these housing models such as Puerto de la Luz Residential in Malaga.

Allows people over 50 to enjoy a private environment

Each apartment is specially designed for the privacy of the person, being able at any moment to retire to his house without needing that nobody enters in the same one.

Undoubtedly, the idea is quite attractive, since it allows older people to enjoy that privacy when needed, and at the same time, share with others of the same age or higher common areas that are in the residential.

The common areas are fully equipped and adapted to the different needs and requirements that the user may need, being able to change spaces at any time. The large garden areas are cared for most of the time, entirely voluntarily, by the tenants, which allows to a great extent to avoid a sedentary lifestyle on the part of the people who reside in these housing models.

It is designed for seniors and over fifty years

This model of housing known as cohousing is intended for those elderly and over fifty who want to live independently, having close to the company of other people and leaving aside the loneliness, which is responsible for the low levels of encouragement that can be found in the elderly.

And, also, it should be noted that all homes have a design that favors the mobility of users, allowing to enter it if necessary a stretcher or wheelchair.

Estos, y muchos otros factores, son la razón de elegir modelos de vivienda como Residencial Puerto de la Luz, una cooperativa que ofrece este tipo de servicio en Málaga, siendo de referencia para muchas familias.

These and many other factors are the reason for choosing housing models such as Residencial Puerto de la Luz, a cooperative that offers this type of service in Malaga, being a reference for many families. In addition to being a place where seniors and over fifty years find everything they need for their day to day, it helps them to age actively thanks to the company, activities and the excellent atmosphere that exists between all residents.