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Cohousing in Spain is gaining great relevance among people over fifty, especially when it comes to living retirement. Also, it is a term frequently heard in society, due to the significant advantages of this new model of community life.

This word refers to a new way of life, in which services are shared, but maintaining the independence of the apartments that make up the residential. As we say in Residencial Puerto de la Luz, live individuality collectively.

Numerous studies reveal that the elderly population requires socialization on a day-to-day basis since when contact with other people is not carried out, there is stagnation and the appearance of pathologies such as depression, which can have an impact on remarkable in the integrity of it.

Currently, there are housing models such as our Residential Puerto de la Luz, in which different services are offered to users that help them relate to the rest of the residents.

Advantages of cohousing for the elderly

The benefits of cohousing to live the retirement are quite numerous, highlighting among them the maintenance of the autonomy of the person within an environment in which it is cared for and attended at any time.

In summary, this model favors the cooperation of its members, thus achieving to keep people active and enhance their well-being.

Development of a community

Cohousing in Spain allows the development of a community formed by people over fifty who want to live retirement and seek privacy inside their home, to enjoy good company and also different activities outside it.

The common areas and the extensive gardens allow users to move around the complex easily and naturally, getting to be in continuous contact with the different people that make up the residential.

The houses are entirely private, not being necessary to disturb the privacy of its residents at any time, something that is very appreciated and valued by the elderly who enjoy this type of housing nowadays.

Housing fully adapted to the needs of each one

The houses have been built taking into account the different requirements that people over fifty years of age, or senior citizens, may need in their daily routine, thus achieving full satisfaction on the part of the residents in the apartments. The entrance and entrance doors are specially designed to allow the access of wheelchairs or stretchers, thus favoring full mobility in all circumstances.

Besides, the design in a single plant allows the tenants to move without having to find steps on their way, which are responsible in most cases for mishaps inside the home.

Cohousing in Spain, an excellent idea for retirement

These advantages, together with the full range of services offered by Cohousing in Spain, make it an excellent idea to experience retirement. As well as being private homes, common areas and activities are shared with people of a similar age.

In short, to age actively and as a way of living retirement, housing models such as Puerto de la Luz Residential are an excellent choice.