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Many people wonder… What is cohousing? Being the answer quite simple.

It’s a model of coexistence for elderly and people over 50 years old, based mainly in group coexistence, without letting aside the independence of the person, something essential to age with dignity.

A great example of this is our Puerto de Luz Residential, a housing cooperative in Malaga formed by people in search of an independent home with common areas in which they can share their experiences and thoughts and perform different activities in company.

Andalucía is one of the communities with the largest number of inhabitants at a national level, and within it, exists a high percentage of elderly people. Those who seek frequently places where to age actively and in comfort, which makes cohousing for elderly the ideal solution.

Cohousing for elderly in Andalucía

The population of people over 50 years old and elderly of this autonomous community founds itself, on most occasions, tired of always being offered the same alternatives for aging. Among which we can emphasize, living in a solitary way or in residences, which leads to having no privacy at all. The antithesis of the latter could be said to be Cohousing in Andalucía.

There are great cohousing benefits in Andalucía, which favor to the elderly and helps them achieve an adequate quality of life in this special stage for them. A stage in which they have left aside the work environment to achieve personal enjoyment.

Independence within the facilities

The elderly who decide to opt for this alternative of coexistence in Andalucía, have independent apartments within the facilities. This way it is possible to maintain privacy and tranquility that all elderly seeks in this stage of life. Floor are fully equipped, with kitchen and bathroom, both totally adapted to the need of the elderly.

Improves Mood

Studies carried out regarding to the state of mind in elderly are clear, there being a direct relation between the loneliness and low moods, such as depression.

It is critical for elderly to have certain company throughout the day, which favors a sate of greater happiness among them.

Being fundamental, common areas and gardens. Thanks to the various activities being realized and maintenance by the resident themselves, greater dynamism is achieved in the elderly and an increase in socialization with the neighbors

Homes adapted for the elderly

Another benefit of Cohousing for elderly in Andalucía us that all homes are adapted to the need and physical requirements that may arise. Greater width door which allow the correct passage of wheelchairs and even hospital gurneys if necessary. Also, bathrooms with safety elements distributed throughout the entire facility, which helps to prevent slips and falls.

Among all the benefits that Cohousing has in Andalucía, elderly and people over 50 years old, those mentioned above are what makes this form of coexistence the most chosen, and since not long ago, the most wanted.